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B2B Dataquest is a leading data provider in USA. They provide business data, email data and more. Their requirement is increase the monthly leads.

Duties and responsibilities:
• Reconstructed the website for better user experience and with proper landing page to collect leads.
• Created a complete persona which includes target audience, target location, competitor analysis and market analysis.
• Created strategy to generate leads and to convert leads to qualified leads and also created the execution plan as per the strategy
• Managed my team to develop content and function the SEO process for appropriate target keywords.
• Create and managed Facebook ad campaign to generate and collect leads through various objective.
• Create and managed LinkedIn ad campaign to generate and collect leads through lead form
• Create and managed Google Adwords ad campaign for PPC, Display ads and Remarketing for better visibility and brand awareness.
• Created funnel visualisation and integrated CRM to convert leads to qualified leads.
• Managed Google Analytics admin dashboard to monitor the entire campaign and improve the performance.


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