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Contents are core of the marketing and Fox Sense Lab uses it wisely. Marketing have always been a great skill that capture audience’s attention and prompt them to purchase a commodity. In this strong era of digital marketing, many companies struggle to create a positive brand awareness. A strong business strategy should know the people’s needs and start market the product accordingly. Content marketing helps in achieving these things especially in the early stage of marketing.

What is content marketing?
Content Marketing is a technique of promoting product through valuable contents to attract large number of audience and convert them into customers. It is like educating people about the product and building trust with them. People buy a product based on the advertisement, reviews and the experience. A strong and a valuable content will attract audience and help to build strong relationship with the company.


Traditional marketing Vs content marketing:

Traditional marketing uses different medium for advertisement such as Television, Newspaper, brochures and billboards. These medium of advertisement reach large number of people but they are one sided and just convey the message through the media. There is no way of interaction with the people and the cost is high since it reaches large number of people.

Content marketing utilizes altered platforms such as websites, blogs posts, Emails, and EBooks. These mediums reach target audience rather than a large group of people. Content marketing is very interactive and helps to get customers feedback. We can also share the contents in these medium and the most interesting fact is that cost of advertising is very low in content marketing and It largely helps the small firms.

Traffic Integration imparts distinguished world class services in the content marketing which includes following strategies.

  • Content creation and optimization
  • Infographics generation
  • Video procreation and editing
  • Website architecture optimization

Stages of marketing:

There are different stages of marketing where each stage needs unique content to promote the product. which are as follows

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Awareness Stage

Creating awareness is the first and foremost stage in marketing. The company invests money in this stage for product’s promotion and its distribution. Here the contents should be attractive and impressive to get affirmative impact from the people. SEO and SEM marketing strategies are used in this stage.

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Engagement & Purchase

This stage is called engagement and the purchase stage. When the correct marketing strategy is followed, the company starts to get positive reviews in this stage and the brand gets promoted easily. Thus it achieves greater sales in this era.

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Reputation Management

The success of this stage completely lies on the customer experience and quality of the product. When the purchased product has the good quality the business will get great hikes. In this stage, the company should work hard to retain its customers.

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This is the final stage which involves advocacy and maintenance. If the regular customers are satisfied with the product, they start promoting to others. Thus the brand is popularized. Also, the company update themselves at this stage with the previous experience and get ready for better marketing campaign then.

Why Traffic Integration?

Traffic Integration uses different content marketing strategies to attract a large number of audience to the sites. The different contents include images, videos, infographics, and texts. Contents such as videos and infographics are highly fascinating and interest the people in purchasing the brand. Our company comprises of creative content writers and discrepant professionals who are expert in each field. They develop attractive contents which draw the attention of many audiences and hence captivate their brand awareness. Our strategic plans literally make the general public to become a customer and change them to regular customers. Thus we assure to afford value to company’s investment.