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We practice Email marketing and send personalized messages to align perfectly with the customer’s needs. The success of the business lies in the marketing strategies of the company. The marketing strategies should choose carefully as they make or break the business goals. So, the marketing techniques should be researched properly. One of the efficient ways to promote a brand is by using Email marketing.

Email marketing is used by a large number of organizations across the globe. It is a  reliable method to market a product and create the brand awareness. Most of all it assures consistency as it sends periodical messages to the customers and promotes friendly relationship with them.

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is a mechanism of sending commercial and promotional messages to a particular group of people using Email. These messages may advertise a product, inform an offer, promote a brand. It is a way of connecting with the customers personally through messages.  Email marketing is a productive means of advertising which offers higher credibility and trust to the customers. It can also increase the company’s sales to a greater extent. The main advantage of Email marketing is that it is cost effective and the messages can be shared easily.

Types of Emails:

Many types of emails are used for marketing the brands. They are as follows.

    • Promotional Emails
    • Transactional Emails
    • Mobile Email Marketing

Promotional Emails:

These Emails sends promotional messages such as offers, discounts and new arrivals to the customers. The company maintains a set of customer database to send promotional emails. Thus they keep themselves updated and increase the sales.

Transactional Emails:

Transactional Emails are used facilitate the commercial transactions which are requested by the customers. These transactional Emails include order confirmation emails, reorder mail and password reset emails. They help to create brand awareness for the company.

Mobile Email Marketing:

The mobile email marketing helps to generate largely traffics through smartphones. As the mobile phones have many features, Email marketing is also done through it. It is an immediate way to relate with the customers.

Services we provide:

We offer particular services through Email marketing which are listed as follows.

  • Keyword search
  • Designing templates
  • Content Creation and Optimization
  • Analysis

Keyword search:

The companies send the commercial and transactional emails with the related keywords. Emails help to achieve the search engine optimization using qualified links. It helps to optimize email newsletters which assure the success of email marketing.

Designing templates

Template designs are very important factors to increase the success of Email marketing. The templates should be attractive to reach a large number of audience. Hence, they are designed carefully.

Content Creation and Optimization:

The Emails must have fruitful content to reach large people. The contents must be precise and also be helpful to the customers. The company can achieve its sales goal by the relevancy of the content in the Emails.


The Emails are analyzed periodically and the reports are generated according to that. Then necessary changes are made in contents and templates. Thus marketing strategy can be updated periodically.

Why Traffic Integration?

Traffic Integration master the Email advertising techniques. We provide integrated services to local, national and international clients who are our assets. We analyze the company’s requirements and formulate marketing strategies accordingly. We use all three types of email marketing techniques depending on the customers need. Our team of dynamic professionals helps to solve the marketing issues and promote the product and create brand awareness. We also help retain the customers in the business where advocacy is achieved later. Thus we help attain your business goals and boost your sales.