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Messiah Fish Company(MFC) is the company that sells raw sea fish and cooked sea food, they faced a continuous loss for few months. From analysis, target audience in target location eat dam fish comparing to sea fish, as there is no source of sea in that location. At the same time the cost of sea fish is quiet high. So people in the location avoid sea fish. Their main aim is to turn the company from loss to profit and create a good brand awareness.

Duties and responsibilities:
 Created an awareness campaign about the health benefits of sea fish and targeted the audience like doctors, dietician, fitness lovers, gym goers and cardiovascular patients.
 Created a website(www.mfcfishcoimbatore.com) with online order service and started marketing with facebook ads, facebook groups flowingly SEO and re-marketing.

 In the second month from the project sign up the client started seeing their profit. And slowly the website traffic increased up to 30x in 3 months and also converted the returning customers from 15% to 42%.


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