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PSG Vestments is an e-commerce based church apparel website. Their requirement is to increase the website sales in the international market, especially in USA

Duties and responsibilities:
 Analysed the website and target audience clearly and created a digital marketing strategy along with content marketing strategy.
 Optimized the website for search engine following link building for organic result and also created PPC campaign.
 Collaboratively built target followers in facebook along with that we have made other social media marketing in channels like twitter, pinterest, and instagram.
 Implemented the content strategy like explainer video, infographic, podcast, document sharing, etc, in the second phase of the campaign
 Campaigned to convert awareness to engagement and following it to different stages like purchase, returning customer, positive reputation and finally advocacy. We used email marketing, re-marketing and more concept to achieve it.

 Successfully increased 62% of sales through website from USA and 21% increase in sale from UK and also achieved 18% sales from Australia.


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